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Your most valued possessions reside under your home’s roof!  It is therefore critical to select the right roofing contractor in Charlotte to protecting your most valued investment.  Your home could have one of the typical roofing systems: shingle roofing, slate roofing, metal roofing, flat roofing, and even wood shingles.

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We often do not realize how important our Roofing is to our home.  Roofing protects your possessions and even the homes structure!   Having a Roof put on poorly could result in having it done twice or even damage occurring.  Finding a Roofing Contractor in Charlotte, or a roofing contractor in Rock Hill SC.

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Each of these roofing systems has different life spans and will have different issues that can occur as the system ages.  A roof is more than the outer roofing material seen once completed thus called a roofing system.  One example would be with shingle roofs the flashing around vent pipes often fails prior to the entire roof system fails. It is critical to locating these issues quickly and having them addressed fast to avoid massive damage that can occur as the result of roofing neglect.  Another roofing material slate gets brittle as it ages and often cracks. However, new slates can last near a one hundred years.  It is the one roof system where as you perform regular routine roof maintenance it will actually renew the roof.  Typically slate roof maintenance will include changing out the older damaged slates, crack slates, and sealing the roof peak.

Then the next step is to locate a qualified roofer in Maryland to assist you in either providing a roof repair or replacing your roofing system.  First, only use qualified licensed roofers in Maryland.  Maryland roofers are required to carry a Maryland Home Improvement license, carry a variety of insurances, and will be bonded through the state agency.  Then, you can take a few more steps such as search the company name for reviews online, search the public court records of roofing contractors, and its owners.

Once the roofer comes out they will typically do a detailed roofing inspection and/or obtain a satellite map of your roof.  The goal is to examine the roof and find the issues with your current roofing system or in cases where the roof must be totally replaced simply to determine the scope of the roofing project.  This information allows them to price up the necessary roofing materials that will be needed and calculate the labor involved.  If the contractor fails to give you a detailed scope of work and a contract then I suggest avoiding them, as well as avoiding the highest or lowest prices.

It’s wise to ask lots of questions of your potential roofing contractor.  Ask things such as how many years have you been working on roofs in your community, have they done any projects nearby, do they use subcontractors or perform the work themselves for example.   It’s always recommended to obtaining multiple bids on your roof, and I would suggest about four bids for your roofing project.  It seems like it would be a lot of work but is well worth your time to do your homework as it is the one home project you hope not to have to redo very often.


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March 11, 2015

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